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Thank you for your interest in our SEC-qualified Reg A+ offering. Investing in us is an opportunity to receive a potential 8% annual preferred return, distributed as dividends monthly.

Interested in Bonus Shares? Download our Bonus Share chart for details.

Here are the 7 reasons to invest in 7e:

High income aiming to meet your needs.

7E’s goal is to beat most other fixed income alternatives. You already worked for your money, now it’s time for it to do some of the heavy lifting.

Current Rates on Fixed Income Investments

One-year CDs


Money Market Funds


Long-Term Treasuries


High Grade Corporate Bonds


Junk Bonds


7E Investments

8%, CD Rates, 11/28/22., Money Market Rates, 11/28/22.
3US Treasury, Daily Treasury Long-Term Rates, 11/28/22.
4U.S. Corporate Indexes Bloomberg Fixed Income Indices,, 10/1/22.
5High Yield Bonds ICE Data Services, High Yield Constrained,, 11/28/22.
A tax-advantaged structure that distributes dividends, rather than interest income.

This means that these returns may be taxed at the lower dividend tax rate, as opposed to ordinary income. This means that you could be saving money on taxes.* Consider that, currently, the top Federal income tax bracket is 17% higher than the capital gains rate.*

With 7E, the only work you have to do is write a check and receive dividends.**

We do all of the work of real-estate investment so that you don’t have to. Investing in underperforming notes takes a tremendous amount of work to do well and ethically and we have the experience and ability to do so.

Why not receive a potential 8% annually from our work?**

Risk management strategies.

Inherent to under- and non-performing notes is risk, and we have several methods for mitigating as much of it as possible.


  • Purchase at significant discounts,
  • Are extremely selective, rearching every note and borrower
  • Diversify across performing and non-performing notes
  • Work one-on-one with borrowers to increase the probability and supporting them to make their payments throughout the term
Strong track record.

We have:

  • Over 500 deals managed
  • Decades of combined real-estate experience
  • Consistent deals across multiple regions
  • As of June 2022, 100% of our first position notes are performing, meaning that borrowers are making their payments.
Ethics matched with excellence.

We aim to keep people in their homes while distributing to our investors 8% annually. Each note is different, and we pride ourselves on matching fiduciary responsibility with ethical treatment of each homeowner/ borrower. If we don’t think that a note meets our strict criteria, we don’t engage with it. Being ethical does not take away from returns–it’s part of the process from the beginning.

7E is staffed by a team of experienced professionals.

Our team includes:

  • Attorneys specializing in real-estate
  • State-licenced servicers trained to productively communicate with borrowers
  • Real-estate specific CPAs and accountants

Our dual goal is to make money AND do the right thing. If you would like to invest, please click here. If you have any questions, please reach out to 805-410-8577 and we will be happy to speak with you.

*7E does not provide individual investment or tax advice, please contact your tax professional for personalized advice. **Past performance is no guarantee of future results and we do not guarantee that we will meet our goals.
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