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Review our investment guide to see how we aim to distribute an 8% annual return (or more) monthly, by helping keep`people in their homes.

    Seeking a Double Bottom Line?

    Reimagine your fixed income (bond) portfolio with 7E.

    Distributing high monthly income by helping keep struggling families in their homes.

    Our goals:

    • Monthly income – Targeting 8% annualized, distributed monthly.
    • Impact investment – Aiming to keep most families in their homes through renegotiated monthly payments.
    • Diversification – Both performing and non-performing mortgage notes across 42 states.
    • Tax advantaged* – Taxed as dividends, not as interest income.

    Simply put, we buy non-performing mortgages at steep discounts–typically 40 cents on the dollar, allowing us to work closely with qualified homeowners, and get their payments back on track.

    *7E does not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax professional for personalized tax advice.


    Hear from the Borrower: How 7e Helped His Family Keep Their Home

    Join our live podcast to hear a real story of 7e’s double bottom line in action – how we helped Josh and his family restructure their loan and stay in their home.


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