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Our Next Dividend Will Be Distributed 11/1 To Investors Of Record By 9/30!

An investment with 2 bottom lines:
An 8-10% annual return,
tax-advantaged, distributed monthly.

A high-yield investment that helps struggling families stay in—and eventually own—their homes.

Introducing the fixed-income mortgage note fund from 7e Investments, open to all investors.

Exciting Developments

3/4: Taxes don’t stop mattering when you retire: an investment in 7e can be taxed up to 17% less than interest or ordinary income.

Dividends versus interest income
We designed 7e’s corporate structure as a C corporation. With that, we distribute our monthly income as dividends. This can work to your advantage with regards to tax benefits.

The top bracket of federal income tax is a whopping 37%, but the top capital gains tax rate (which is what dividends are taxed at) is only 20%. That’s a 17% difference – your taxes are almost halved.

Here’s an example of how this looks in practice: our low estimate of an 8% annualized return (we offer up to 10%), would come out to 5.04% when distributed and taxed as income. As dividends, it comes out to 6.4% – over the course of a long-term investment, that’s quite a bit of extra income generated (and potentially even more within an IRA).

We’re offering an asset-backed investment that many have used as a fixed-income replacement to the volatile stock and bond markets, and our distributions being structured as dividends means more money in your pocket. That’s more money to reinvest, power your retirement, or just generally do what you please with.

We are not only focused on high returns – we care about how much of that you bring home after tax.

2/21: Let 7e’s hard work deliver monthly income to power your retirement – invest today.

At 7e, it’s our job to do the rigorous investing work so that you don’t have to. Let your hard-earned dollars work for you to provide monthly income.

Our team has decades of combined experience in real estate. Mortgage note investing requires a lot of niche industry knowledge and experience to be successful. In addition to our core in-house team, we supplement through attorneys who specialize in real estate, real estate-specific CPAs and accountants, and state-licensed proactive servicers who have the experience and 7e-specific guidelines to communicate with borrowers.

All these moving parts work in concert to produce a healthy 8-10% annualized distribution for our investors, which is a pretty nice monthly payout for an asset-secured investment.

Your investment goes into a diversified pool of mortgage notes, carefully curated by us using strategies and processes acquired through our experience in the real estate industry.

2/8: Mortgage note investing has a lot of moving parts – at 7e, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to uncover quality borrowers.

Finding success in the field of distressed mortgage note investing takes a team, utilizing their specialized knowledge in a variety of fields. They follow a well-honed process to provide rigorous analysis of each and every individual note. 7e’s special approach means that our fund’s performance is not tied to the ups and downs of the markets, even the real estate market – we’re tied to each individual homeowner’s ability to make payments. That’s why due diligence matters. We purchase our notes at a 40-50% discount to face value, providing us a lot of room to negotiate a manageable monthly payment and get homeowners on track.

2/1: We have officially raised our minimum investment from $500 to $2500. Our great bonus share program for investors is still around — for now.

You’re watching 7e grow in real time, there may be no better time than now to get in and grow alongside us.

1/28: CEO Chris Seveney and VP Lauren Wells spoke to Josh, a real borrower who 7e helped keep his house, about his experiences.

Josh purchased his home in 2012, looking for a place to settle down with his wife and children. When he went to purchase home insurance, he found out that, due to the way the land contract was structured, his name was not actually on his mortgage. His loan ended up being sold 5 more times, making it extremely difficult to properly keep up on his payments as their recipients kept changing. He was in serious danger of losing his, and his family’s, home – until he spoke to 7e.

Click here to view this live podcast and hear Josh’s story.

1/11: We were joined by IRA expert Derreck Long for a special informational webinar about investing in 7e through an IRA.

Beyond delivering high-yield returns that can provide income throughout your retirement, an investment in 7e through an IRA can also provide tax deferral benefits.

You can view the webinar replay here.

12/27: Are you interested in a double bottom line? Receiving monthly income from real estate while helping struggling families stay in their homes during this brutal winter?

Invest now in 7e.

Start off 2023 right by starting to receive monthly income from mortgage notes, planning for your retirement, and building wealth, all while giving struggling families a second chance to stay in, and eventually own, their homes.

We aim to keep people in their homes while distributing 8% annually to our investors.

Thus far, we have not missed a single payment to our investors and there have been no foreclosures in our portfolio.

We purchase notes at steep discounts (typically 40-60%), placing 7e in a position to negotiate more manageable payment terms for the homeowner. This means that families can potentially avoid eviction, own their home, and create their own long-term wealth. We aim to keep kids in their schools and keep neighborhoods whole by avoiding eviction and getting families back on track in their homes.

12/20: An Impact Investment–with Monthly Dividends.
Invest in December to receive your first distribution on February 1st.

This holiday season, give the gift of a second chance to a family before they lose their home.

Many of us have been there or know family or a friend who has struggled to recover, emotionally and financially, from a tragedy such as an illness, job loss, or death of a loved one. 7e realized that losing one’s home can displace an entire family, and negatively impact education, and job opportunities.

7e Investment purchases under- or non-performing mortgage notes, typically at a large discount (40-50%). This provides us with the flexibility to work closely with the homeowner to determine a manageable monthly payment, and keep them in their home. The whole neighborhood benefits–so perhaps we have more than two bottom lines.


12/06: When you invest in 7e Investments, you are investing in a dedicated and experienced team, ready to individually assess the quality of every mortgage note we chose to add to our portfolio.

With owner-occupied mortgages across the U.S. valued at over $16 trillion dollars, the massive size of this market leaves 7e, with our niche focus, with a great deal of flexibility in deciding which mortgage notes to add to our portfolio and which to avoid. We are barely scratching the surface of this massive marketplace.

12/03: So, you’re interested in helping keep struggling families in their homes while receiving current income through dividends?

Donation Vs. Investment
7e Investment’s mission is simple: we provide investors access to one of the real estate market’s most demanding and resource-intensive sectors: distressed single-family home mortgages. We invest in single-family loans where the borrower is late or delinquent in making payments. Often, they stop making payments because of a temporary problem—a job loss, an illness, etc.—and it takes a thorough understanding of their situation and prospects, along with some creativity, to get them on track again. We aim to keep families in their homes via renegotiated mortgage terms beneficial to borrowers and investors.

If you are interested in supporting families, there are a few ways you can get involved. First, you can make a donation to a fund which supports struggling families by providing emergency financial assistance to help cover housing expenses, including mortgage payments. While a charitable donation might have certain tax benefits, donors only receive the knowledge that they are helping people.

Alternatively, 7e offers an investment opportunity for those looking to support struggling families and make monthly income. Your investment in 7e aims to generate monthly distributions and at the end of the term, return investors’ initial investments–all while helping struggling families stay in their homes.

11/19: What are some advantages of investing in 7e?

Monthly Dividends – Our targeted rate is 8% annualized, distributed monthly. Depending on how much you invest, you may be eligible for bonus shares that represent up to 7% of your initial investment. Those bonus shares can effectively boost your dividend yield above 10%, providing even more income to meet your monthly needs.

Keeping struggling families in their homes – Think about it. A family saved for a down payment and qualified for a mortgage. For most families, this is the largest investment of their lives. Then, an unforeseen circumstance occurs, it all may be taken away, and they can be evicted. 7e looks at each situation individually, investing in mortgage notes which pass our diligence. If our research points to the family’s ability to start payments again at a renegotiated rate, we will buy their mortgage at a steep discount, typically 40 to 50 cents on the dollar.

Tax Advantages – By receiving monthly income as dividends, income may be taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income or interest income. Consider that, currently, the top ordinary Federal Income tax bracket is 37%. The top capital gains tax rate is just 20%.

Diversification – When you invest in 7e, you are not just investing in one mortgage note. An investment in 7e is an investment in our entire portfolio. It is diversified in performing and non-performing notes across 42 states.
Helping communities – When a family stays in their home, when a house is not foreclosed, and the family is not evicted, it supports the neighborhood and the community. The ripple effects of aiding struggling families have a positive impact on the entire community.

Building Generational wealth – This isn’t just for our investors but also for our borrowers! Sometimes, some help is all that borrowers need to begin building generational wealth for their families. Say, with support from 7e, a borrower that has fallen on a temporary hardship is given the payment plan they need to stay in and eventually own their home. Then years down the line, assuming the value of their property has grown and they sell, all of the equity is theirs (after paying off the mortgage note). This is wealth created with the aid of a boost and renegotiation from 7e!

7e is not a tax consultant. Please consult your tax professional for personalized advice.

11/14: Want an investment you can feel secure about during a down market? How about one with a double bottom line as well?
7e Investments might be the real estate investment for you.

What makes an investment in 7e different from most other real estate investments?

7e does not invest directly in properties or buildings; we invest in residential mortgage notes, which are backed by real properties and homes.

It is a big difference, and there is more.
We invest in non-performing mortgage notes, where the homeowner has stopped paying and often can be facing eviction.

Yikes, that sounds risky.
It doesn’t have to be risky and, in many respects, can be less risky than a traditional mortgage note. We analyze why this is happening and, through a disciplined investment process, determine if the homeowner can get back on track. We purchase the mortgage note at steep discounts, typically 40-50 cents on the dollar.

11/12: 7e Investments makes money while doing a social good, putting homeowners who haven’t been paying on schedule back on track and keeping them in their homes.

Want to learn how this works? Keep reading, and be sure to watch our latest webinar, where we highlight two (different) case studies.

Register for our LIVE PODCAST recording Tuesday, November 15th, 12:30PM EST / 9:30AM PST.

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-uHyWUPDQI6-c5rjCYreWA

11/5: 7e Investments specializes in investing in mortgage notes.

We are not structured like many other real estate investments. We do not directly buy properties, but instead purchase mortgage notes, generally at a steep discount. We buy distressed or non-performing notes, but not until we investigate why the homeowner isn’t paying and determine if they can get back on track. If the situation passes our rigorous diligence, purchasing at a discount gives us the flexibility to lower payments for borrowers, further increasing the probability of them staying on track.

To learn about what mortgage note investing means, check out our webinar on the topic, plus answers to questions posed by attendees of the webinar. If you are considering an investment in 7e, you may have some of the same questions, so be sure to check it out!

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZvyYc5RPQbaUElaHAI5dcA

10/31: Happy Halloween! Even if today is supposed to be scary, with an investment in 7e your monthly bills may not be.

Want to begin receiving high-yield monthly income while keeping with your values (and ours)? INVEST TODAY!

For our investors, we target an annualized rate of 8% (distributed monthly) and we have had great success meeting our goals thus far. Plus, with our bonus shares program, your dividend income could be boosted to over 10%.

Our next dividend will be distributed 12/1 to investors of record by TODAY, 10/31.

10/22: Interested in a high-yield fixed income impact investment?

Just nine days are left to invest to receive your first monthly distribution on 12/1.

Not all high-yielding investments need to come at other people’s expense. In fact, by investing in 7e, you can receive monthly income (in the more tax-efficient form of dividends*) while giving struggling families a second chance to stay in their homes.

How do we do it?
By keeping people in their homes. By looking at every family, mortgage note, and situation individually, because they are people, not just numbers. By maintaining our first obligation to our investors–we are not a charity. By looking at each borrower closely. Realistically, it is not just humane, it is smart investing. We purchase under- or non-performing mortgage notes at a steep discount (40-50%), lowering the overall amount owed by the borrower, and redesigning the payment schedule to one they can afford, making additional profits for our investors–a real win-win.

10/13: 7e Investors have consistently been receiving monthly dividend income while most financial markets are down 20% or more YTD.

What does a long-term investor seeking monthly income do when the equity markets are working against them?

Current returns on U.S. Treasury Bonds are around 4% and investors receive income every six months, as opposed to when their bills arrive–which is generally every month.
During times like these, inflation and market volatility, investors often look towards hard assets like real estate for increasing value and alternative income. Real estate however often requires a high level legal work, diligence, and attention to receive monthly income from sources like rents. 7e investors have made the decision to help families stay in their homes, while passively receiving monthly income of 8% annualized as we manage our portfolio of mortgage notes.

9/28: For investors, we aim for an 8% annualized distribution monthly; for borrowers, a second chance to keep their families in their homes.

At 7e we actively manage our portfolio, hundreds of mortgage notes across 42 states, so that you can make passive income month-by-month through your investment.

There are just three more days left to invest to receive your first monthly distribution on November 1!

In an under- or non-performing mortgage note, the lenders are lucky if they get anything owed back as the borrowers may simply not be in a position to pay.

Crisis? Challenge? Opportunity? It all depends where you sit.

For 7e and its investors, this puts us in a position to purchase the mortgage note, the physical legal document associated with the mortgage, at a 40-50% discount, which in turn allows us to renegotiate with the borrowers an affordable payment schedule beneficial for both them and our investors.

As we become lenders in mortgage agreements, we take a highly active role in deciding which mortgage notes to walk away from, and which to purchase. Our diligence guides us to which borrowers are in situations where they will be able to make their payments.

9/20: When you invest your money in 7e investments, you are aiming for an 8% annualized dividend, distributed monthly.

7e invests across under- to non-performing mortgage notes (hundreds to thousands of them), secured by homes and properties.

Because your investment is in so many different mortgage notes, it is by definition, diversified. Further, we increase diversification by limiting our investments per zip code and spreading them across geographies, providing further risk reduction. We purchase each mortgage note at a steep discount (40-50%) and if worst comes to worst, we handle foreclosure and sale of the property ourselves, often at a profit. However, foreclosure is what we are working so hard to avoid.

While we are purchasing under- to non-performing mortgage notes, you are investing in the overall portfolio, not just one or several. Our investment process insures that we are extremely selective about the notes we chose, carefully evaluating the borrower’s individual circumstances to determine if we believe they can get back on track. People that have undergone a temporary hardship, loss of a job or a loved one, with our help, could potentially stay in their homes. Part of what we do is negotiate a new and more reasonable payment plan based on our reduced purchase price of the note, fulfilling our need for higher than bank returns for us and our investors.

9/19: At 7e investments, we invest in mortgage notes. Our goals are to create win-win situations for our investors and distressed borrowers, garnering high yielding monthly distributions while keeping as many families in their homes as makes sense.

Join us for a FREE webinar TOMORROW Tuesday, September 20th at 12PM EST / 9AM PST

REGISTER HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OUpUxVKMT-GngRVaQWxgyA

Remember, there are only 13 days left to invest to receive your September distribution!

We invest in distressed single family-home mortgage notes, in which the borrower has fallen behind or has stopped making payments altogether. Homeowners fall behind on payments for all kinds of reasons, such as a loss of a job or a sick family member. Some will not recover from this situation, some will. Many distressed borrowers, with a little help, are able to keep their home and not miss any payments.

8/31: Today is the LAST DAY to Receive An August Distribution

Our Next Dividend Will Be Distributed On 10/1 To Investors Of Record By TODAY, 8/31.

Want to begin receiving monthly income while helping to keep a family in their home? 7e Investments offers a return you can feel good about, and not just because it’s high enough to cover monthly expenses. Our goal is to maximize returns for our shareholders while keeping people in their homes.

Our offering generates an attractive 8% annual dividend (distributed monthly)—and depending on how much you invest, you may be eligible for bonus shares that represent up to 7% of your initial investment.

8/25: Turmoil has been caused in the housing market through irresponsible lending–the exact opposite of our process.

In 2008, mortgage-backed securities and derivatives’ values were destroyed, after banks had combined performing and under-performing mortgage notes into collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and sold them to investors. This practice of grouping loans with varying performance, and then getting them AAA rated, contributed to one of the most significant financial crises in US history.

At 7e Investments, we as portfolio managers, invest in under- or non-performing mortgage notes where, often due to reasons such as loss of a spouse, a job, or other reasons, borrowers were unable to make their mortgage payments. Whereas the “typical” course of action is foreclosure of the home and a loss for the lenders, 7e takes another approach, case by case, borrower by borrower, homeowner by homeowner.

Read more here: https://7einvestments.com/newsletters/turmoil-has-been-caused-in-the-housing-market-through-irresponsible-lending-the-exact-opposite-of-our-process/ 

8/18: At 7e Investments, we do our due diligence to purchase loans that can be renegotiated and paid back.
Investing in distressed real-estate mortgage notes is a difficult business. After all, aren’t these non-performing notes? Notes where the borrower has fallen behind or stopped paying?

The answer is yes, and we have a time tested process of working directly with the borrower to keep them in their home, on a manageable payment plan, while distributing above market monthly dividends to our investors.

Read more here: https://7einvestments.com/newsletters/at-7e-investments-we-do-our-due-diligence-to-purchase-loans-that-can-be-renegotiated-and-paid-back/ 


8/11: In the only six states and thirty one cities followed by Eviction Lab there have been 1,082,077 evictions since mid-March 2020, and 8,419 in the past week.

Foreclosures due to falling behind on mortgage payments are, in part, responsible for evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since March 2020 there has been a staggering increase in foreclosure activity.

No doubt the Covid-19 shut downs and disruptions have caused great hardship for families all over the country, particularly those with ongoing mortgage payments. Many families are dealing with unforeseen obstacles such as job losses, death of loved ones, or illnesses such as “long Covid.” All these events are exacerbated by rising prices, making it harder for struggling families to dig themselves out of a hole of mortgage payments and other debts.

Read more here: https://7einvestments.com/newsletters/in-the-only-six-states-and-thirty-one-cities-followed-by-eviction-lab-there-have-been-1082077-evictions-since-mid-march-2020-and-8419-in-the-past-week/

8/4: Welcome to our newsletter. Stay tuned for updates on 7E and our offering, and the housing and mortgage note markets.

Are notes a better option to typical high-yield products?

Between interest rate hikes and inflation, investors are seeking even higher yield investments.

To learn more click here: https://7einvestments.com/newsletters/are-notes-a-better-option-than-typical-high-yield-products/

We are proud to announce the launch of our stock offering. 7e is now offering investors of all experience, net worth, and income the opportunity to invest in our impact investment company which invests in mortgage notes. We are aiming for an 8% or greater return, distributed monthly while keeping the majority of homeowners in their homes. The details and secure online investing process can be found at https://invest.7einvestments.com.

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Interested in Bonus Shares? Download our Bonus Share chart for details.

Our Philosophy

Investing in distressed mortgages can be a way to achieve consistent monthly income.
It requires experience, discipline, and hard work.

Our fund’s performance is not tied to the stock or bond markets. Further, we’re not even tied to national or real-estate prices. Rather, we are tied to the homeowner’s ability to make their monthly payment—and that is where our extensive due diligence comes in.

What if home prices go down?
Market forces on home values rarely influence our monthly distributions. After our thorough diligence, we purchase mortgage notes at 40-60% discounts providing a cushion on top of the equity already in the home from the down payment and monthly payments before the mortgage went past due. This also places us in a position to negotiate a new monthly payment, since we purchased the note at such a good price. This enables most families to get back on track. After all, this is the home they purchased, not a rental, making them highly motivated to stay on track.

“I replaced all of my bond funds investing with 7e. My returns are improved, my risk level is reduced, and I know we aren’t evicting people who stumbled and genuinely can and want to pay their mortgage and own their home.”

Invest to generate the income you need.

Approximate return streams based on investment amount.






















WHY 7e?

  • Preferred shares: investors get paid first
  • No management fees

Over 500 deals managed

Decades of combined real-estate experience

Diversified investments across multiple regions including the Rustbelt and Midwest

As of July 1, 2023 we have over 500 investors.


Watch the webinar replay and read the answers to the questions that we didn’t have time to answer live.

Watch the webinar replay and read the answers to the questions that we didn’t have time to answer live.

Watch the webinar replay and read the answers to the questions that we didn’t have time to answer live.

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7e Investments


A positive impact investment that keeps people in their homes.

Our entire process focuses on finding a way to help homeowners pay their mortgages. You can feel good about your 8% return because it comes not from removing people from their homes and selling them (except when that is best for all parties or when modifications cannot be agreed to), but giving them another chance, which we believe most deserve.

Our first obligation is to our shareholders and there are occasions where leaving people in their home is the worst-case scenario for them as well as us. When there is not a high probability of repayment, even on a workout, foreclosure and sale of the home is frequently the most efficient route for all parties.

A multi-faceted approach to managing the investment process.

Investing in distressed real-estate loans involves working with borrowers that have stopped making payments. At 7e, we have a disciplined investment process that minimizes risk and magnifies the chances for successful outcomes.

  • We purchase notes at steep discounts:

    We purchase mortgage notes typically at a 40-50% discount to market value, providing us the flexibility to structure loan payment plans homeowners can afford.

  • We are extremely selective:

    With a $75 million targeted raise, we are barely scratching the surface of the distressed loan asset class. We can afford to be extremely choosy about the loans we invest in, building a diversified portfolio with what we believe to be the best potential for enhanced returns.

  • We work one-on-one with borrowers to get them back on track:

    With a manageable portfolio of $75 million, we can focus on individual loans in our portfolio, working closely with homeowners to get them to back on track and eventually own their homes.

  • A diversified portfolio:

    We invest in markets across 40 states: local economic conditions drive local real-estate markets. Events like plant closures or industry downturns can have an outsized impact on specific localities. We reduce our exposure to any single community’s economy by diversification.

Bonus Shares

For example, if an investor purchases 2,500 of the first 7,500,000 shares sold, they will receive an additional 100 Bonus Shares of Class A Preferred Stock that are identical in form and substance to, and shall not be differentiated from, the Class A Preferred Stock. Because you’ll earn 8% on both your initial purchase and the bonus shares, these additional shares have the potential to boost your dividend income to over 10%.

Proven success in an asset class that not everyone can manage.

It’s not an asset class you can easily scale, so larger asset managers tend to stay away. Consider that investing in a $200,000 loan takes the same effort and cost as investing in a $2 million loan.

7e Investments has a proven record for success in this challenging sector of the real-estate market, including:

  • Over 500 deals managed

  • Decades of combined real-estate experience

  • Consistent deals across multiple regions including the Rustbelt/Midwest

  • As of September 30, 2022, 100% of the notes in our latest fund have achieved a positive resolution